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To get you anywhere. To be with you anywhere. Whether it’s
your apartment or creative work space - compact, fast, handy
and durable … that's Yooniq … Unique urban bike for
your world – changing the way of modern life.

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Benefits Why yooniq is unique?


Durable & light to conquer all the traps of urban environment, a compact design that gives you more space in your metropolitan life. Frame made from straightened aluminum alloy keeps your bike tough and light at the same time. Ride with grace through pavements, bumps or curbs. Bell – a classic urban equipment that is fully integrated into the left brake lever and double chain guard to protect your clothes is a must.


Experience the ultimate riding experience. Frame geometry together with exclusive ergonomic grips, leather textured saddle and nonslip pedals gives a comfortable and sporty seating position. It’s not a cliché. Dimensions of the frame with raised stem and 470mm long seat post are directly designed as a one size for all. No compromise. Comfy and secure. That's Yooniq riding experience.


Yooniq is equipped with 3-speed integrated shifter in the rear hub so you can slowly maneuver through crowded spaces, conquer steep city hills or be as fast as lightning on wide open streets or intercity paths. It has „closed“ design to be durable and last forever and because of its sturdy design it will not wear out.

Safety & Brakes

Have the situation under control with powerful disc brakes for ultimate stopping power. Wider tires feature smooth urban pattern with a good grip that aids your speed and holds well on road. We also included optional reflectors as a standard for your additional safety.

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Is bigger better?

When it comes to cycling, bigger isn't always better. Small wheels come with a number of advantages and even tall cyclists can benefit from wheels with a smaller diameter . Better acceleration, easier to maneuver, storage and handle.. that's something what only small wheeled bike can offer.
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Yooniq evolution

The Yooniq you can currently see on our website has several “ancestors” which we (at that time) considered as the final bike. After testing and “living” with Yooniq for some time we realized there were so many things we wanted to improve, that we changed the bike twice…
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Press What people say about yooniq?

Small, fast, handy and durable is what the Yooniq is designed to be. We've been living with one for the last few months and we absolutely love it!

- Stolengoat.com

..finally a new and excellent example of modern urban commuting

- Ciclonline.com

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