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In the world of metropolitan life we were missing a stylish, compact and modern looking urban bike. Most available bikes were big and the city life is often characterized by a need for space effectiveness.

Tight alleys, crowded spaces or just a living room too beautiful to store a big ugly old bike? We have a vision for urban bike with smaller dimensions, which you can take upstairs to your apartment or your work space. Bike built as one masterpiece, as one organism that includes all the benefits you need, supporting each other with synergy. A perfect bike that can be your partner in the metropolitan life of 21st century.

Tough and durable construction developed with ergonomic philosophy, equipped with urban features – all designed to be admired everywhere you appear. So we built Yooniq..

For our office space we were inspired by automotive leaders as WV concern, innovative and productive Hyundai-KIA concern and PSA-Peugeot-Citroen group and we set up our warehouse and distribution center in Slovakia which has good geographical position, stable and fast growing economy and is a member of €uro zone since 2009, using €uro as the only currency.

Yooniq s.r.o.

Beethovenova 1798/16


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Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien - Germany
Account number: 232007829
Bank code: 85050100
IBAN: DE96850501000232007829