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Is bigger better?

When it comes to cycling, bigger isn't always better. Small wheels come with a number of advantages and even tall cyclists can benefit from wheels with a smaller diameter . Better acceleration, easier manoeuvring, storage and handle.. that's something what only small wheeled bike can offer.

Maneuvering like a Ninja

Smaller diameters of wheels and bike itself allow you to avoid all obstacles in the way. Doesn't matter if it is splashed ice-cream or granny with her pet on a string. You can go slowly and safely through a crowd or maneuver along the cars on lights. You will always be ahead.

Faster & easier acceleration

When you're riding in downtown traffic and need to stop frequently, you will appreciate fast and easy acceleration. Because smaller wheels weigh less, they create a lower moment of inertia so they get up to speed quicker. That means more comfortable riding and your clothes stays dry even if you are in a hurry.

Having your bike with you

Its not just a naive Hollywood fantasy. You can have your bike with you in your office or apartment much easier when it has compact design. Your bike describes your individuality, so why don't you have it on a display.