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Yooniq evolution

The Yooniq you can currently see and buy on our website has several “ancestors” which we (at that time) considered as the final bike. After testing and “living” with Yooniq for some time we realized there were so many things we wanted to improve, that we changed the bike twice.

Changes are not obvious on the first sight, but they really helped to improve Yooniq for the purpose it is made.

Maybe you didn’t notice that the pre-final sample appeared once on our FB page. It was the bike on a tree which looks very similar, but has one major and few minor changes.

We added 5cm to the frame length and raised the stem. This makes your seating position more convenient and the bike more fun to drive. As one customer said ‘it’s beyond awesomeness’. And we are very proud Yooniq makes you feel that way..

We also made a change in our bell integrated to the brake lever. In order to protect the bell against unwanted damage, we chose to use sleeker, more incorporated design which vastly improves its durability. And we changed disc brake rotors…because we didn’t like the old ones! These changes surely make the world a better place :)